Water in Human Body

Water is Life and 75% of your body’s composition is Water…

With toxic and polluted environments, we understand that it is hard to find drinking water in the greater Los Angeles Area that you can trust. In fact, the water running through the pipes contains harmful and chlorine—two elements scientifically correlated with chronic health problems.

Even other water purification companies come up short as composition analyses frequently reveal impurities of five to seven parts per million (ppm).   Flow Water goes beyond that with our double reverse osmosis system, testing close to zero ppm.

If you are looking to boost the gains you’ve made with your mind, body, and spirit, we also offer Alkaline Water and Flow Energized Water. With crystals and minerals, both are specifically designed to help you recover and attain optimum clarity.   You work hard to purify your life. Make Flow Water a fundamental part of it.

What makes us different?

Double reverse osmosis filtration

While most water companies do one reverse osmosis (RO) treatment, Flow runs its water through a second RO marchine to attain purities of 0 to 1 parts per million (ppm). Nearly medical grade water, Flow has the purest water of any water store in Southern California.

Vortex Pressure System

Mimicking natural processes, Flow water goes through a pressurized vortex that changes its molecular structure and makes it similar to the water within your body, which makes it more absorbable and amenable for your nourishment.

Energization through Crystals

We here at Flow believe that spiritual energy can be obtained from the physical properties around us, that’s why we run our water through special crystals to ensure your water keeps you clean in mind, body, and spirit.

Our Minerals

Flow Alkaline Water has seven different types of unique minerals to maximum health benefits and nutrition:


Reduces the acidity of water by neutralizing carbon dioxide. Under high flow conditions, proper pH balance can be effectively achieved.


When tourmaline and water combine, mild infrared radiation is created, penetrating deeper into the body and promoting blood circulation and metabolism. The negative ions also produced by this reaction help balance the oxidation in the body, activate cells, and make the body/mind more relaxed.


A mineral found in Russia, Shungite has been shown to remove bacteria and many other harmful contaminants.


Much like corosex, calcite corrects pH balance. However, it’s main advantage is that it does not overcorrect the acidity (making it more basic) under normal conditions.


A proven anti-aging material, our infrared ceramic balls help to fight off infections, stabilize blood pressure and sugar, and provide mental clarity.

Negative ORP

ORP Negative Ceramic Balls make the water more negatively charged, thus allowing for the further removal of oxidized free radicals in the body.

Sea Coral

Sea Coral adds healthy trace minerals that the reverse osmosis process removed. These minerals are catalysts to vitamins.